The event, which can compete with those of the world, was visited by thousands of people.

The weather ordered for the unit, a rich offer of quality food and drinks in the theme of strawberries, a stage filled with a cultural and entertainment program, on which several artists took turns. The overall atmosphere of the two iconic Prešovské streets is suitably complemented by the strawberry lighting of the buildings.

The night, which all visitors enjoy, becomes a revitalization of summer events in the city of Prešov and I dare to say that it can compete with other wonderful international events.

Strawberry night 2023 ended with mapping that told the story of Prešov and its connection with strawberries. And what is mapping actually? It is a form of art where a 3D image, in our case also sound, is transferred to static objects. Mapping appeared in various important metropolises around the world, and Prešov was included among them.

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presentation strawberry city

We presented the concept of Strawberry City to the public.

The city of Prešov has the potential to be a world-class destination if we believe in that potential together. Imagine tourists coming to Prešov to take photos with the world’s largest strawberry or enjoying the most delicious strawberry delicacies at the annual Strawberry Festival.